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Beyond 12 Steps: Addiction Counselors Embraces "Whatever Works" Care

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Addiction is a complex disease that requires flexible, personalized care. So it makes sense that more addiction treatment providers are looking to different modalities in order to provide their patients with a bevy of treatment options. And medical intervention, such as the use of buprenorphine to treat opioid addiction, as well as more holistic addiction treatment methodologies, such as yoga and talk therapy, are quickly becoming the standard of care.


Addiction Professional’s 2016 Quality of Life Survey offers a compelling view of this trend. Although the majority of respondents said they still saw the 12-step approach to be a “key element at all levels of care,” more than 10% of respondents said that medical intervention was the “most important element of successful recovery.”



“Provides [addicts] the breathing room, so they're not constantly looking for [drugs]. It sets everything in place. But if they don't get their motivation for life right, if they don't stop their addictive thinking patterns, they will end up relapsing when they taper down.”


Other holistic methodologies aimed at helping addicts cope without drugs include cognitive behavioral therapy, family therapy, motivational therapies, as well as complimentary therapies such as yoga, meditation, massage, biofeedback and / or nutritional therapy.


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This kind of “all of the above” approach can work, because it combines therapies and services that meet the needs of individual patients, thus helping patients decrease their physical cravings while modifying their attitudes toward drug abuse, and increasing healthy life skills, the National Institute on Drug Abuse explains.


As addiction treatment evolves, it will be important for providers to continue to approach new and advanced therapies with a best practice mindset – one that doesn’t drop the old ways for more revolutionary treatments. Surely, there is room on the menu for everything that works.



One treatment center that will be interesting to watch moving forward is Phoenix House. The New York-based treatment center, which historically relied on a Therapeutic Community model, recently announced an overhaul to make room for more withdrawal based and medication therapies. Their new model seems to be “whatever works.”




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